• Lithuanian Black Hawks Will Have Special Equipment Used by US Army

    VILNIUS – The Lithuanian army's decision to buy six American Black Hawk helicopters from the US administration, and not directly from the producing company, Lockheed Martin-Sikorsky, was determined by finances and the technology needs, says Sigitas Dzekunskas, director of the country's Defense Materiel Agency under the Ministry of National Defense.

    The ministry announced several week ago its plans to spend 300 million euros on new Black Hawks to replace the Russian Mi-8s the Lithuanian army is using now.

    In an interview with the news website, Dzekunskas said that when buying these helicopters, the Lithuanian army would get the whole package, including the project's management, ensured quality and direct involvement in the production of the helicopters.

    "When buying from the US government, we get secured quality, price and audit when holding negotiations with the producers and supervising the production process. Specialists from the US government will be constantly directly involved in the production process, and we will receive a product that is the maximum best. Another aspect is that (…) some specific equipment used by the US army, for example, the elements of the recognition system, data bases, can be bought only from the US government. We cannot acquire that from the companies directly," Dzekunskas explained.

    In his words, when planning this acquisition, Lithuania also turned to both European and American companies, including France's Airbus, Italy's Leonardo, the US-Canadian company Textron, as well as Lockheed Martin-Sikorsky, the producers of Black Hawks.

    According to Dzekunskas, Black Hawks met all operation requirements set by the Lithuanian army.

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  • Kaunas Ranked #5 - Europe's Most Affordable Gems

    A new combined report from Post Office Travel Money and Airbnb has revealed a number of little-known European cities are showing the greatest growth demand for Airbnb accommodation.

    Airbnb has identified the 10 cities showing the most growth by analysing its bookings over the past 12 months.

    The top 10 trending cities

    1. Lviv, Ukraine 

    2. Tirana, Albania 

    3. Katowice, Poland 

    4. Kosice, Slovakia 

    5. Kaunas, Lithuania 

    6. Antalya, Turkey

    7. Bari, Italy 

    8. Moscow, Russia 

    9. Lisbon, Portugal 

    10. Alkmaar, Netherlands 

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  • Denver Nuggets GM Artūras Karnišovas on The Woj Pod

  • Lithuania to Implement Restrictions on Forest Ownership

    VILNIUS, July 23 (Xinhua) -- The Lithuanian parliament approved on Tuesday amendments capping forest ownership to prevent forest consolidation and deforestation.

    A total of 87 MPs voted in favor, 6 against and 5 sustained in a vote on amendments of the Forest Law that will cap private forest ownership to 1,500 hectares.

    The restrictions that would come into force as of 2020 will apply to companies, individuals as well as groups of people linked with family ties.

    Legislators say that the Forest Law amendments would help preserve the Lithuanian forests.

    According to MPs who have proposed restrictions on forest ownership, the amendments are designed to "avoid forest consolidation that leads to intensive forestry" and to "lower negative consequences of industrial deforestation on environment, landscape, recreation, biological diversity," said the press release of the parliament.

    According to local media, around 39 percent, or 800,000 hectares, of forests in Lithuania are privately owned.

    Before the vote, Lithuanian Free Market Institute had warned that restrictions on forest ownership would "lower the investment attractiveness of Lithuania's forest industry, distort competitiveness."

    Amendments of the Forest Law is now subject to a final approval by the country's new President Gitanas Nauseda.

    According to latest data from the Ministry of Environment, forest land accounts for almost 2.2 million hectares, covering almost 34 percent of the country's territory.

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  • Deividas Sirvydis to Pistons

    The Detroit Pistons selected Lithuanian forward Deividas Sirvydis with the No. 37 overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft.

    Sirvydis, 19, averaged 5.4 points and 1.9 rebounds last season for BC Rytas. A lanky 6'8" forward with a sweet shooting stroke, Sirvydis is a prime draft-and-stash candidate.  

    The Pistons need shooting across their roster, so Sirvydis could be a strong fit in Detroit. It's also possible they ask him to play in the G League next season if he wants to come over. 

    Scouting Profile 

    Offensive Strengths

    Strong mix of size, driving and shooting ability. A project, but his body and game hint at an NBA forward.

    Offensive Weaknesses

    Limited off the dribble in terms of creativity. Hasn't played heavy minutes.

    Defensive Outlook

    Has tools/mobility to be a serviceable defender.

    Projected role: Reserve wing

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  • Lithuania's Nauseda Wins Presidential Election

    VILNIUS (Reuters) - Former central banker Gitanas Nauseda won Lithuania’s presidential election on Sunday after opponent Ingrida Simonyte conceded.

    Nauseda, 55, had 72 percent of the vote, according to election authority results after 42 percent of the ballots were counted. Simonyte, 44, a former finance minister in a center-right government, stood at 28 percent.

    “I was the independent candidate and my task in this election campaign was to unify Lithuanian people, no matter where they live, in small regions, villages, small cities or big cities,” Gitanas Nauseda told Reuters after declaring victory.

    Nauseda, a household name from his role as chief economist at a top bank, has pledged to follow the tough stance set out by current President Dalia Grybauskaite, the Baltic nation’s “Iron Lady” and of the European Union’s most outspoken critics of the Kremlin.

    In an earlier interview with Reuters, Nauseda said he would use his presidential powers to help businesses expand in emerging markets, especially China, and request that the government increase revenues and better fund social services such as pensions.

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